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Teaching Materials with reflections- Reflective teacher

Teaching Materials with reflections- Reflective teacher

INTRODUCTION – Why you should be a reflective teacher ?

Learning is what your students do in school. But not only the students are there to learn, the teacher learns also. To become a better version of yourself, you must embrace feedback and criticism and reflect on your own teaching.

Why is reflection important in teaching? Well, when reflecting, you’re collecting information about what goes on in your classroom. When analyzing and evaluating this new information, you can identify and explore your own practices and underlying beliefs, which may lead to changes and improvements in your teaching.

Ways to reflect on my teaching

I start by preparing the lessons using the chemistry book, ‘Inspire Chemistry teacher edition’ where I can find different strategies to deliver my lesson in a perfect way.

The lesson is presented using the power point presentation, the slides contain the needed information, different types of activities, and questions for practice.

Teaching Materials with reflections- Reflective teacher

To get a clear view about the state of my teaching, I gather information first. There are a few ways that I use to do this.

  1. Use exit slips

At the end of the lesson I collect the opinion of my students, they can write their positive and negative comments. Depending on their feedback I can improve my teaching style.

Teaching Materials with reflections- Reflective teacher
  • 2. Include reflection in my lesson plan

When building my lessons, I create a lesson plan. It’s a good idea to leave a blank space at the bottom of the lesson plan. This place can be used to evaluate my own teaching and to reflect on it.

3. Use a reflective journal

I Keep a notebook with me so I can write down comments and observations any time during my lesson (or shortly afterwards).

4. Videotape my teaching

Sometimes, it’s handy to just videotape the complete lesson. Here, I not only reflect on my teaching, but I also reflect on my body language and classroom management. The video recording might show some things I didn’t notice when I was teaching.