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Stephen hawking’s warnings – The end is coming

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming

Stephen Hawking is the most famous scientists since albert Einstein, having been diagnosed with motor neuron Disease at the young age of 21 instead of accepting what doctors said, Hawking devotes the rest of his entire natural life to the pursuit of knowledge and explaining the unknown.

The views of Stephen Hawking of the future of our planet are extremely pessimistic. He even had been calling humans to start the process of permanently settling other planets. So here are some of hawking’s most terrifying predictions on how and when our world will end.

The artificial intelligence

Robots will replace human, Stephen Hawking didn’t trust the artificial intelligence at all. He believed that it might be the worst invention in the history because it will replace humanity. Hawking warned that any further development of the AI technologies could be a fatal mistake, he predicted that once humans develop artificial intelligence it will redesign itself and create a new form that could eventually be smarter than human, or decide to get rid of us. Hawking was sure that there is no significant difference between what the human brain can do and what the AI could achieve.

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming

Modified Vaccine

Genetically modified vaccines will kill us. Hawking said that genetically engineered viruses that are used to treat human illnesses are one of the greatest threats to mankind. Nowadays pharmaceutical industries are even combining deadly viruses and modifying the DNA. While the intentions might be good but the problem is that we still don’t fully understand the long-term damage of vaccines.

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming


Aliens will invade our planet. Hawking was a firm believer in life outside the earth, and he was convinced that they will invade our planet. Let’s go back in time to the beginning, to the big bang explosion that gave birth to our planet from about 13 billion years, Stephen hawking believed that our universe is just one among tens others that were created with their own big ban, so basically there is parallel universes. Although there is still no evidence to prove that we aren’t the only form of life, there is so many planets, galaxies and universes. So Aliens will find our planet and they will decide to invade it.

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming


the universe will come to an end. In his work “a smooth exit from eternal inflation” completed just two weeks before he died, Hawking predicted that all stars will run out of energy which will cause darkness. He warned that humans have to find a way out of this universe if they want to survive.

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons will destroy humanity. Hawking believed that one day humans will destroy each other using their militarized technologies and nuclear weapons which will lead us to disastrous consequences like the end of the world.

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming

We are destroying our planet

According to Hawking we have to find another planet to live on, otherwise human beings will die on earth because we are close to reach the tipping point, where global warming would become irreversible. Problems like the overpopulation and the scarcity of resources that come with the overpopulation, pandemics, and pollution will cause the end of our planet, that’s why discovering a new world will save us.

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming

The earth will combust to a ball of fire

Stephen Hawking also predicted that our planet will combust in less than 600 years. He added that global warming will make the conditions on earth similar to those on Venus. The average temperature will be about 480oF, sulfuric acid will rain from the sky and winds speed will reach up to 330 feet per second. Climate change is one of the greatest dangers we face, and if we act now we can prevent it.

Stephen hawking's warnings - The end is coming

So which prediction do you think will happen? and which one is the scariest one ? And the most important question is : Can we save our planet ?