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Plastic pollution

Plastic pollution


  • 91% of plastics are not recycled.
  • Plastics use as much fossil fuel as airlines.
  • Plastic waste can cause climate change.
  • Marine animals are under threat (1 million seabirds die every year).
  • Humans are eating and drinking plastic (1/4 of fish contains plastic particles and 83% of tap water samples are contaminated by plastic).
  • Humans are breathing plastic (Small particles called microplastics are present in the polluted air that we breath).
  • Every minute 3,000,000 of plastic bags and bottles are sold.
Plastic pollution

Oceans sustain life. An abundant ocean can feed a billion people a healthy meal every day forever. But now all the ocean life is killed by plastics. The equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped in the sea every minute. Plastic is everywhere in the ocean, floating on the surface mixing in the saltwater and it takes over hundreds of years to break down into smaller pieces called microplastics which are still plastics.

Plastic pollution

Scientists say that microplastic is found in the water we drink, in our food, in our salt and sometimes even in the air we breathe.

We are facing a tsunami of throw away plastic in the sea and in the oceans. What can we do ? We should not be forced to pollute the ocean every time we eat drink or go Shopping, we need to be given a choice a plastic free choice. This is not hard to imagine, some responsible companies are already leading the way by throwing away plastics. Supermarkets beverage companies are offering plastic free groceries, restaurants also are offering plastic free service, there are plastic free rooms and hotels.

Let’s make sure that we are all given real plastic free choices. Let’s stop plastic pollution and have healthy oceans.