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Ozone layer – A protective shield

In recent time, it’s very clear that we are suffering from a rise in global temperature and the depletion of the ozone layer is one of the factors behind it.

So let’s go beyond the atmosphere and discover this invisible protective shield that surrounds the earth.

What is the ozone layer? What is causing the hole in it ?

Ozone layer - A protective shield

A harmful radiation known as UV rays or ultraviolet rays are emitted from the sun. So too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can increase the risk of skin cancer and can severely affect the immune system. These rays can also harm the plants and the aquatic animals.

The ozone layer is an invisible protective shield between the earth and the sun. The main role of this layer is to protect earth from harmful rays.

Ozone layer - A protective shield

But the critical question is what is the ozone layer?

In the atmosphere some oxygen molecules (O2) absorb energy from the sun and split to form a single oxygen atom (O) then every atom of these single atoms mixes with the remaining oxygen molecules (O2) to form a thin layer of ozone with three oxygen atoms (O3).

The ozone layer surrounds the earth shielding and protecting the planet from harmful radiation coming from the Sun.

For billions of years everything was safe and fine until the 1970s when scientists discovered that the ozone layer is slowly depleting and evidence revealed that certain man-made chemicals were responsible for it. Chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons also called CFC and nitrogen oxide coming out from a wide range of industrial and consumer appliances mainly refrigerators, air conditioners, and fire extinguishers below towards the ozone layer and destroy the oxygen molecules. An ozone hole is formed but the hole shield is not lost yet so it’s very important to increase awareness above the harmful effect of CFC and other chemicals. The production and consumption of such substances have decreased and as a result the ozone layer is slowly getting healed and getting back to its original form.

What should we do to save our planet ?

We should play our part to serve the ecosystem, so what can we do to help? There isn’t much we can do about the CFCs that were released already, but it is very important to start by spreading awareness about the harmful effects about CFC among our friends and family, also if we have air conditioners or refrigerators which are older than 20 years we should make sure to replace them with a new one. CFC molecules are highly stable and can last for up to hundred years. So let’s do our best to stop them from destroying our protective shield, the ozone layer.