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A reactive chemical newly discovered in the atmosphere – Hydrotrioxide ( Type of Hydrogen peroxide ! )

Hydrotrioxide (R-OOOH) : Chemical compounds that contain a hydrogen atom and three oxygen atoms. It is a highly reactive chemical that was known as unstable. Researchers newly discover that it can last under the atmospheric conditions.

An extremely hight quantity (millions of tons) of hydrotrioxides can stay in the atmosphere for numerous hours which could have implications for human health and the wold wide whether. These chemicals interact with other compounds, and the rate of the reaction is very high.

This new discovery doesn’t mean that what is happening is new, because hydrotrioxides were always present in the atmosphere. But the existence of these extremely reactive chemicals has been verified.

Highly reactive chemicals

Hydrotrioxides are a kind of hydrogen peroxide which has two atoms of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen ( H2O2) and it is used as a disinfectant. Each extra oxygen atom makes hydrogen peroxides extremely flammable, and they are sometimes used in rocket fuels. 

Hydrotrioxides are more reactive than the other peroxides because they have three oxygen atoms linked to each other. The general chemical formula is R-OOOH, where R is a bonded group, such as a carbon group.

Researchers estimate that about 11 million tons (10 million metric tons) of hydrotrioxides form yearly in the atmosphere from reactions such as the oxidation of isoprene.

‘From the knowledge of organic chemistry, we can expect that hydrotrioxides will act as an oxidant in the atmosphere’ ( Livescience, Berndt, 2022: online).  It’s also possible that hydrotrioxides could have an effect on our lungs when we breath the air that contains them in very low concentrations.

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