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Acids and bases – Multiple choice questions – Learning check – Test

Welcome to your Acids and bases

The pH of a base is

In a solution, the concentration of OH- is equal to 1x10^(-5). Calculate the concentration of H+ . Kw = [H+] x [OH-] = 1 x 10^(–14) [H+ ] = ? [OH-] = 1 x 10^(-5)

In a solution the concentration of H+ ions is equal to 1x10^(-4). This solution is

A solution that contains [H+] > [OH-] is

When a strong acid and a strong base are mixed together we obtain

The pH scale is based off of the concentration of _________ ions

An acid/base reaction always produces

Taking antacids to remove heartburn is an example of

The pH of a solution is equal to 3.5, it is

In a solution, the concentration of H+ is equal to 1x10^(-13). pH = -log [H+] This solution is

Which of the following is a strong acid ?

What is the approximate pH of a solution labelled 6 x 10^(-5) M HBr ?

A solution in which [H+] = 10^(-8) M has a pH equal to _______ and is ________.

A weak acid ionizes to give a

Complete this reaction : HCl + KOH --> _______ + H2O